• 12:20 am

    In 2004, 10 months after the murder of Yan, Ming is transferred to do menial police work. Meanwhile, a new star Wing has emerged in the police force. Ming suspects he is also a mole sent by the triad. Determined to start anew, Ming must kill Wing while ensuring that his own identity does not get exposed.

    Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Leon Lai, Kelly Chen, Chen Dao Ming, Eric Tsang, Anthony Wong

    Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

  • 02:25 am

    During the financial crisis, a vast majority of Hong Kong people experience difficulties in repaying debts. During this time, loan sharks use ruthless ways to force debtors to repay their loans and it is up to Officer Lee and his underground team to hunt down the head of this illegal organization.

    Danny Lee, Yang Tian Jing, Li Shu Xian

    Herman Yau

  • 04:00 am

    Lung is now assigned to the police force and tasked with cleaning up a crime-ridden local suburb marred by corruption. Along the way he must confront the vicious gangs and the vengeful pirates.

    Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan

    Jackie Chan

  • 05:50 am

    Sheng is a rich playboy who lives a carefree and fun life with the ladies, until his mother decides that he should get married. Up against other lady killers in his quest to find Miss Right, Sheng must decide what he wants.

    Shih Hsien, Fu Sheng, Natalis Chan, Cherie Chung

    Wang Jing

  • 07:30 am

    A mainland hitman Loy is hired to avenge the death of a gangster’s son but the police are onto him from the start. While hiding in the dense streets of Mongkok, Loy saves a call girl Dan Dan from some gangsters. Loy and Dan Dan are hunted around Mongkok by police and gangsters. Who wiIl find them first, the lawful force or the lawless one?

    Daniel Wu, Cecilia Cheung, Alex Fong Chung Sun

    Derek Yee

  • 09:25 am

    Wei Xiao Bao is sent by a revolutionary group as a spy in the imperial palace to find “The Sutra of 42 Chapters”. Xiao Bao soon befriends Emperor Kang Xi but at the same time he must carry out his mission, and he is now caught between two stools.

    Stephen Chow, Sharla Cheung, Richard Ng, Sandra Ng

    Wong Jing

  • Must Watch

    Dragon Hero

    Shi Xiao Long, Chin Ka Lok, Ken Wong, Max Zhang, Lee San San

    The New Big Boss

    Donnie Yen, Dayo Wong, Carman Lee

    Shaolin Kung Fu Kids

    Roger Kwok, Athena Chu, Michael Lee, Lily Li

    Shaolin Vs Evil Dead

    Gordon Liu, Louis Fan, Shi Xiao Hu, Bai Long

    11:15 am

    A girl Marble witnesses a murder case and reports it to the police. After much investigation, the police can only sort out the complicated relationships between a rich merchant's mistress, a postman, a shop owner and his wife, but find no clue as to who the murderer is. Therefore, Marble decides to carry out her own investigation…

    Cherie Chung, Ku Feng, Chin Yen Ling, Tang Chen Yeh

    Angie Chan

  • 12:45 pm

    De Sheng and Wan Jun have been married for years, but are unable to conceive. Wan Jun decides to undergo artificial insemination in the States and finally gets pregnant. She meets her cousin from the States who stays temporarily in their house with them, and De Sheng begins to suspect that they are having an affair…

    Patricia Ha, Alex Man, Pan Chen Wei

    Chu Yuan

  • 02:15 pm

    Four young fighters join forces to fight against Japanese aggression. Known as the Four Little Fortunes, they use martial arts to foil the Japanese plan of a major military invasion.

    Shi Xiao Long, Chin Ka Lor, Ken Wong, Max Zhang, Lee San San

    Douglas Kung Cheung Tak

  • 03:50 pm

    Chi will inherit his dying grandfather’s fortune with one condition – he has to be married in a month, otherwise the money goes to his uncle, Robert. Chi falls in love with Siu Siu, but Robert intends to stop them by sending Moraine to seduce Chi. When Moraine decides to marry Chi for money, Robert stops her and reveals their plot.

    Wilson Lam, Nina Li, Michelle Lee, Wong Jing

    Wong Jing

  • 05:25 pm

    Dino meets his dream girl Mandy and falls in love with her at first sight. However, she disappears suddenly and he only sees her again after nine years, when she is already married. To overcome the pain of losing his love, Dino finds a guru with supernatural power to make him meet Mandy in his dream.

    Sean Lau, Sharla Cheung

    Lee Lik Chi

  • 07:10 pm

    Based on a true story, police inspector Eddie Chan is troubled as he fails to protect a rich businessman. When the latter is kidnapped and taken for ransom, Chan sets out to track down the criminals. In the process, Chan suspects his superior’s involvement in the abduction and must uncover the truth and find the mastermind to save the victim.

    Jackie Chan, Ken Cheng, Law Ka Ying

    Kirk Wong, Jackie Chan

  • 09:00 pm

    Senior Inspector Wing is an elite in the police force but has been drowning his guilt in booze after his entire team was killed by the “Gang of Five” in a mission. A year later, a young rookie detective with a complicated background is assigned to partner Wing and manages to inspire him into action, as Wing vows to take down the gang.

    Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Charlie Young

    Benny Chan

  • 11:05 pm

    This horror comedy consists of four short stories about a group of Hong Kong tourists who travel to the Philippines and encounter a series of paranormal events.

    Louis Koo, Simon Lui, Cheung Tat Ming, Paulyn Sun

    Herman Yau