Schedule Week


My School Mate, The Barbarian

Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Joey Yung

Jin Wong, Billy Chung

Edward attends a new school which has a reputation for fighting. Student leader Stone, befriends Edward, but their friendship is tested when a local triad leader discovers that Edward comes from a wealthy family.

Must Watch

The Exodus

Dragon Tiger Gate

Bullet and Brain

Heroic Duo


36 Secrets of Courtship

Ai Ti, Ling Tai, Frankie Wei, Pei Ju-hua

Lu Chi

This erotic comedy features three lotharios who vie to become principal of the Macho Man Training School -- an extremely sexy institution dedicated to extremely non Shaolin-types of physical exertion.


Cherie Chung, Tong Leung Ka Fai, Chu Yuan, Wu Hsia Ping

Tan Chia-ming

Cherie Chung plays the title character in this sexy romance as a fitness instructor who attracts the attentions of a wealthy businessman and a handsome photographer.

Dummy Mommy, without a Baby

Miriam Yeung, Edison Chan

Joe Ma

Fong Lai Kuen works at an advertising agency but is about to be sacked by her boss after offending him. She pretends to be pregnant so that the company cannot fire her, according to the labour law. Since then, Fong receives much care and love from her colleagues and begins to feel guilty about her lie as things develop out of her expectations.

Mr. Virgin

Alfred Chang , Chen Wen-ya , Liang Yun-hsin

Chan Friend

Mr. Virgin is a romantic comedy about a twenty-nine year-old man Chao Yu-ting (Alfred Chang) who has seemingly been cursed. He becomes paranoid when a Feng Shui expert tells him it will be unlucky for him to marry before the age of thirty... so comical chaos line the days up to his next birthday!

Armour Of God II

Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng

Jackie Chan

Agent Jackie is hired to find a huge cache of gold hidden in the Sahara desert by the German soldiers during World War II. He teams up with three women on this mission and soon discovers that he is not the only one searching for gold, and that there are ruthless treasure-hunters willing to kill to get their hands on it.

Protégé de la Rose Noire

Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Ekin Cheng, Teresa Mo

Barbara Wong, Donnie Yen

A legendary heroine Black Rose recruits two young girls, Gill and Sandy, as her successors. Both girls have proven to be courageous and righteous, and she trains them so that they can form the ultimate crime fighting force and become the new Black Roses!

Cop Shop Babes

Carina Lau, Eason Chan, Lee San San, Cathy Tsui

Sharla Cheung

Island East Police Station headed by Madam Lui is known for its “Cop Shop Babes” as all the officers there are female. Two police officers, Beer and Satay, apply for an internal transfer to this station in order to approach the girls. It is at this time that the police receives a bomb threat – can they resolve the case?


Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung

Stanley Kwan

Fleur is the blue angel in one of Hong Kong's bordellos and night clubs. She falls in love with "12th Master" Chan, the heir to a chain of pharmacies. They agree on a suicide pact and Fleur dies, but Chan is saved. 50 years later, Fleur's ghost appears in a newspaper office wanting to place an ad to find Chan, who never arrives in the afterlife.

Troublesome Night II

Louis Koo, Simon Lui, Allen Ting

Herman Yau

The sequel features three paranormal stories about three radio DJs: Fai, Chai and Sam. Fai regrets asking his listener to commit suicide and ends up killing himself. Chai and his friends encounter scary events in a boat trip after saving a woman from boat wreckage. Sam is haunted by a ghost whom he stumbled upon during a car accident.

Troublesome Night 4

Louis Koo, Simon Lui, Cheung Tat Ming, Paulyn Sun

Herman Yau

This horror comedy consists of four short stories about a group of Hong Kong tourists who travel to the Philippines and encounter a series of paranormal events.

The Longest Nite

Tony Leung, Sean Lau

Patrick Yau, Johnnie To

Two triad leaders, George and Kei, negotiate to join forces. As a bounty of $5 million is put on killing George, Kei assigns Sam, a corrupt cop who is also his right-hand man, to stop the killers. In the process, Sam meets a bald killer Tony, who stalks him and causes him troubles. When Sam realizes he is being set up, it was already too late…

Hong Kong Playboys

Shih Hsien, Fu Sheng, Natalis Chan, Cherie Chung

Wang Jing

Sheng is a rich playboy who lives a carefree and fun life with the ladies, until his mother decides that he should get married. Up against other lady killers in his quest to find Miss Right, Sheng must decide what he wants.

Bullet and Brain

Francis Ng, Anthony Wong, Alex Fong, Eric Tsang

Keung Kwok Man

Nine years ago, two legendary criminals, Bullet and Brain, vowed not to kill and lie before they disappeared. Both now return for a mission - to protect the granddaughter of the triad boss. Can they succeed without breaking their vows?

Dry Wood Fierce Fire

Louis Koo, Miriam Yeung, Wyman Wong, Flora Chan

Wilson Yip

Alice works for a women’s magazine and falls for Ryan, who is hired to run the men’s magazine, both owned by magazine tycoon Michelle. Ryan only has eyes for Michelle and Alice tries to hide her true feelings to help him win Michelle.