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The Brotherhood of Rebel

Bosco Wong, Carlos Chan, Louis Cheung, Kenny Wong

Terry Ng

Chai, a triad member, helps his childhood friend Meow flee Hong Kong after discovering that Meow attempted to kill his triad boss. 17 years later, Chai becomes a key member of the triad. When he runs into Meow one day, he knows that his gang will kill Meow if they find him. Caught between triad and brotherhood, what will Chai choose?

I Corrupt All Cops

Eason Chan, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anthony Wong, Alex Fong, Bowie Lam, Pao Qi Qing, Natalie Meng Yao, Kate Tsui

Wong Jing

Corruption was rampant in the Hong Kong Police Force in the early 1970s. Chief Inspector Lak launders drug money with three other police officers, and a young officer from the newly established Independent Commission Against Corruption division is determined to bring them down.

Must Watch

The Brotherhood of Rebel

Chilli Laugh Story

Death Stranding

The Goldfinger

Imprisoned II: There Is No Escape From Fate

Tainted Love

Z Storm

I Believe

Love at First Lie


I'm Livin' It

Aaron Kwok, Miriam Cheung, Alex Man, Cheung Tat Ming

Danny Wong Hing Fan

Once a successful banker, Bowen now spends his nights in a 24-hour fast food joint where he meets a group of homeless people. Together they strive to get themselves out of rock bottom.

Dearest Anita

Myolie Wu, Sonija Kwok, Alex Lam

Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Pako Leung

Based on real events, the movie follows the footsteps of the fans of Hong Kong Canto-pop diva Anita Mui. After the death of the popstar, fans from different walks of life risk arrest to track down handwritten cards, letters and other possessions from Anita Mui to preserve their idol’s memory.

Hand Rolled Cigarette

Gordon Lam, Bipin Karma, Chin Siu Ho, Michael Ning

Chan Kin Long

A retired British-Chinese soldier becomes a target in a triad manhunt when he takes in a young South Asian man who carries a bag of stolen drugs. Forced to live together, the two men transcend conflicts and cultural differences to form a beautiful friendship in this poignant tale of loyalty and brotherhood.

Midnight Fly

Anita Mui, Risa Junna , Shaun Tam, Simon Yam

Jacob Cheung

With her marriage in crisis, Michele takes off to Europe for a vacation and meets a Japanese woman named Miki. As they become friends and travel together, Michele discovers that Miki is her husband's mistress. When Miki goes missing in Morocco, Michele does everything she can to find her but ends up paying a heavy price…

Another Me

Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Ai Lun, Wei Xiang

Gao Ke

Constable Li Mao marries a rich girl but her parents disapprove of their marriage. One day, Li accidentally discovers that he looks exactly like the prince! While he aims to secure a high ranking position in the palace, the prince wants freedom, so they decide to switch identities. This however, got them both involved in the minister’s conspiracy…

Black Ransom

Simon Yam, Michael Miu, Andy On, Fala Chen

Keung Kwok Man

Mann, an accomplished police officer, has allowed his career to wane after his wife was murdered by the mafia. However, Mann is forced to return to his former glory when he is assigned to investigate a former police inspector suspected to be kidnapping mafia bosses and demanding ransoms in exchange for their lives.

Midnight Diner

Tony Leung Ka Fai, Eddie Peng, Joyce Cheng

Tony Leung Ka Fai

A small restaurant in Shanghai is open only from midnight to early morning. The chef has no menu but will create something unique for each customer. Through the years, people come to the Midnight Diner to share their stories, taste the chef’s delicious food and leave feeling comforted and fulfilled.

New Police Story

Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel Wu, Charlie Yeung

Benny Chan

Senior Inspector Wing is an elite in the police force but has been drowning his guilt in booze after his entire team was killed by the “Gang of Five” in a mission. A year later, a young rookie detective with a complicated background is assigned to partner Wing and manages to inspire him into action, as Wing vows to take down the gang.

Love For All Seasons

Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Li Bing Bing

Johnnie To, Wai Kar Fai

May, acting leader of the Er Mei sect, cures the incurable illness of Tiger, a rich playboy. Under the threat of her senior, May seeks help from Tiger to experience heartbreak and master the "Heartbroken Sword" style, so as to defeat her senior and preserve Er Mei sect. Will this strange and long-winding relationship reach a happy ending?

Endless Battle

Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Joel Chan

Mak Ho Pong

This is a story about two brothers. The younger brother is a drug lord while the elder brother Zhong is a police officer in the Narcotics Bureau. Both are involved in a drug cartel’s turf battle and during an escort mission, Zhong discovers his brother’s hidden identity. This leads to an endless battle between good and evil.

The Goldfinger

Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Simon Yam, Charlene Choi

Felix Chong

Inspired by Hong Kong’s biggest financial scandal in the 1980s, this is a rags to riches story about Ching Yat Yin who is chairman of a listed company. With Ching’s wealth and influence on the rise, ICAC senior investigator Lau Kai Yuen is determined to investigate the case, even if it means spending 15 years in pursuit of the truth.