• 12:45 am

    Comparing to the director's previous Hex. This time, however, the stakes are even higher and the gruesome goings-on even more memorable. It all starts when a noble police detective starts investigating a child killer's claims of an evil spell, then it doesn't let up until the final, bloated, maggot-ridden cadaver falls.

    Ai Fei, Huang Chin-sang, Fanny, Lily Chan

    Kuei Chih-hung

  • 02:30 am

    The lives of three fathers going on a luxurious holiday are turned upside-down when a thief slips a stolen famous diamond into one of the fathers' coat pocket.

    Guo Tao, Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, Zhang Liang, Wang Yue Lun

    Wang Yue Lun

  • 04:20 am

    During the 16th century, pirates rule the Chinese coastline, pillaging the small villages and terrorizing the citizens. When maverick leader Commander Yu (martial arts legend Sammo Hung) enlists the help of a sharp young general (Vincent Zhao), they devise a plan to defeat the pirates.

    Vincent Zhao, Sammo Hung, Yasuaki Kurata

    Gordon Chan

  • Must Watch


    Join the October festival on Celestial Movies as the dead rises and dances the night away on Fridays! Watch out for zombies on the run and join Celestial Movies to hunt down the dead!

    Summer Love Love

    Cast: Alex Fong, Elanne Kwong, Owodog Zhuang

    Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight

    Cast: Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Cherry Ngan

    Love is Cold

    Cast: Endy Chow, Michael Tong, Snow Tang


    Cast: Zhang Hanyu, Masaharu Fukuyama, Qi Wei, Ha Jiwon

    Wolf Warrior II

    Cast: Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Frank Grillo

    06:35 am

    Famous kung-fu instructor Tung Tieh-cheng (Ti Lung) is invited to teach and discipline the soldiers of the minister. This causes a precipitate drop in the business of the brothels and upsets the behind-the-scene boss Chin Pu-huan (Chen Hui-min) who in turn kidnaps and castrates Tung’s Son. Tung fights back to challenge Chin and finally kills Chin with the help from the soldiers.

    Ti Lung , Hu Hui-chung , Wang Yu , Chen Hui-min , Ku Feng

    Sun Chung

  • 08:10 am

    An undercover police officer attempts to take down a drug trafficking syndicate called the Twin Eagles from the inside. But his operation starts to spiral out of control when he slowly becomes an addict while trying to gain the leader's trust.

    Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong, Lang Yueting, Zu Feng, Xing Jiadong, David Wang

    Alan Mak, Anthony Pun

  • 10:15 am

    The death of the undercover agent gets the police into dilemma. It terminates the source of clues to track down the syndicate specialised in jewellery robbery. Inspector Lau (Sun Yueh), the officer in charge of the case has to find someone to succeed the deceased, Ko Chow (Chow Yun Fat), another undercover agent has been chosen by Lau to take up the mission...

    Chow Yun Fat, Danny Lee

    Ringo Lam

  • 12:00 pm

    NOT ALL WOMEN ARE BAD, a comedy on modern metropolitan life that from an unforeseeable perspective, is set against the backdrop of the rapidly developing city of Beijing. It follows three women of different professions and backgrounds, and presents a contemporary comedy from the way they deal with love.

    Zhou Xun, Guey Lun-mei, Zhang Yu-qi

    Tsui Hark

  • 02:00 pm

    Three best friends embark to a soul-searching journey through the provinces of China. From cities, small towns, hills, forests to deserts, they experience the sadness and happiness through different people and animals, saying hello at one start, waving goodbye at one end.

    Bolin Chen, William Feng, Wallace Chung, Joe Chen

    Han Han

  • 03:45 pm

    Members of a marching band bond over an annual band camp and decide to tempt fate by "testing" the ghostly legends that surround their school.

    Sedthawut Anusit, Ekawat Ekudchariya

    Pass Patthanakumjon

  • 05:30 pm

    Cui Minguo (Eason Chan) enters a major perfume company on the referral of his friend Tony (Harlem Yu) to work as the personal assistant to Mandy (Rene Liu), the fierce CEO. Eager to secure this well-paying job, which is intended only for those who can stand by 24/7, Minguo decides to keep his marriage a secret in the workplace - and that is not something he wants his wife Jingyi (Bai Bing) to know about either. In time, Mandy finds herself attracted to Minguo, and their professional relationship begins to turn a little ambiguous. During one fateful business trip abroad, as the two are drawn closer and closer by temptation, Minguo risks exposing his secret and jeopardizing both his career and marriage...

    Rene Liu, Eason Chan, Bai Bing

    Raymond Yip

  • 07:15 pm

    The chief security officer at a top-secret medical facility (Daniel Wu) finds himself caught in an explosive battle when a young thief steals a groundbreaking medicine. But after discovering the true origins of the medicine, the officer must decide who he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands and prevent an all-out war in this non-stop action thriller.

    Daniel Wu, Joseph Chang, Amber Kuo, Cheung Siu Fai, Timmy Hung, Wayne Lai

    Ringo Lam

  • 09:00 pm

    A coming-of-age story of a group of teenage friends overcoming all challenges and obstacles to fulfill their dreams to cosplay.

    Gurmit Singh, Quan Yi Fong, Henry Thia, Constance Soong, Joshua Tan, Aloysius Pang, Jeffrey Xu, Joyce Chu, Jordan Ng and Bernard Tan

    Michael Woo

  • 10:55 pm

    Xiao Ming, who has grown up lacking the care and love from his separated parents, invites his friends to his house for a party. But by bragging about how rich his family is, he unwittingly attracts two thieves in this hilarious comedy.

    Qiao Shan, Xu Jun Cong, Fei Wei Ni, Lu Ye, Luo Jia, Zhang Rui Yu

    Wang Xin