• Must Watch

    Extraordinary Mission

    Cast: Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong

    Operation Mekong

    Cast: Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Pang

    Special Female Force

    Cast: Eliza Sam, Jeana Ho, Joyce Cheng

    The Wrath of Vajra

    Cast: Shi Yan Neng, Yoo Seung Jun, Nam Hyun Joon

    Wolf Warrior II

    Cast: Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Frank Grillo

    12:20 am

    Following the events of the first film and after battling titans on the outer wall, Eren is captured by soldiers who believe him to be threat to humanity. But as his friends attempt to save him, they uncover a more sinister plot...

    Haruma Miura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongō, Takahiro Miura, Nanami Sakuraba

    Shinji Higuchi

  • 01:50 am

    Hyun-su, a Japanese-Korean teaching poetry in Japan, reunites with his cousin Kang-su happily in Korea after many years, but subtle tension begins to grow between them when Kang-su's childhood sweetheart returns.

    Kim Min-jun, Seo Do-young

    Kawaguchi Hirofumi

  • 03:40 am

    Jackie Chan stars as a treasure hunter with a bumbling sidekick who are sent on a quest through Europe to find a mysterious treasure held by a shadowy organization of monks.

    Alan Tam, Jackie Chan, Lola Forna, Rosamund Kwan

    Jackie Chan

  • 05:25 am

    Due to economic pressures, Wong Fei Hung (Jet Li) is forced to move his kung fu school and Po Chi Lam clinic. Unknowingly he re-opens next to a brothel. Wong comes into conflict with a corrupt police chief who is aiding local monks as they kidnap young women and sell them into slavery in Southern Asia. Whilst investigating the monks' temple, Wong gets involved in a fight and is subsequently accused of an unprovoked attack on the monks. He is also poisoned, leading to temporary deafness, although the first time is on purpose by Wong to learn how the poison can be cured. In a later battle, Wong intervenes in the police chief's attempts to assassinate a foreign official.

    Jet Li, Cheung Man

    Wong Jing

  • 07:15 am

    A tapestry is woven from the life and loves of a Hong Kong surgeon who practices in a clinic placed in the slums. His clinic is frequented by a collection of colorful characters. This story is adapted from the popular Manga novel by Sho Fumimura and Takumi Nagayasu.

    Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Christy Chung, Andy Hui

    Lee Chi Ngai

  • 09:00 am

    In a corner of the neigborhood electronic game room sits Kang-jae (Choi Min-Sik), the man bumming around with a cigarette butt in his mouth. His old friend from the heydays of ruling the backstreets has become boss of a crime organization while he was merely endowed with a small video shop for his contributions to organized crime. Even this meager business mostly constituted of selling porn videos to teenage delinquents is as unstable as his fighting skills.

    Choi Min-sik, Cecilia Cheung

    Song Hae-Sung

  • 10:55 am

    Xiao Ming, who has grown up lacking the care and love from his separated parents, invites his friends to his house for a party. But by bragging about how rich his family is, he unwittingly attracts two thieves in this hilarious comedy.

    Qiao Shan, Xu Jun Cong, Fei Wei Ni, Lu Ye, Luo Jia, Zhang Rui Yu

    Wang Xin

  • 12:35 pm

    A digital cartographer falls for a mysterious lady who works on an alley that doesn’t exist on the map. A mainland China young love story with an unexpected turn.

    Lu Yu Lai, He Wen Chao

    Vivian Qu

  • 02:10 pm

    A martial arts adventure starring Wang Baoqiang as a young, skilled monk who is forced to leave his monastery and fend for himself in the outside world.

    Wang Bao Qiang, Aaron Kwok, Chang Chen, Chiling Li, Fan Wei, Yuen Wah

    Chen Kaige

  • 04:05 pm

    Web Zhang, a former extreme sports athlete, is forced to participate in an extreme reality show called Urban Games after his sister is kidnapped. At the games, Web must balance his skills and smarts to rescue his sister from the mysterious organization holding her ransom.

    Shawn Dou, Michelle Chen, Ashton Chen, Kim Jun Ho

    Robert Brown

  • 05:35 pm

    Girl's Generation follows three groups of students as they prepare to take part in the National Students' Talent competition and look to win the title by performing on stage.

    Owodog Zhuang, Jc Chee, Ke Qing

    Tan Kheng Seong

  • 07:25 pm

    When priceless antiques were found in the backyard of Aunt Hong's home, the family finds themselves becoming sudden millionaires. Their arguments and disagreements lead to hilarious results as each of the sons tries his darnedest to get the biggest shares!

    Eric Tsang, Lydia Shum, Shawn Yue, Coco Chiang

    Clifton Ko

  • 09:00 pm

    The chief security officer at a top-secret medical facility (Daniel Wu) finds himself caught in an explosive battle when a young thief steals a groundbreaking medicine. But after discovering the true origins of the medicine, the officer must decide who he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands and prevent an all-out war in this non-stop action thriller.

    Daniel Wu, Joseph Chang, Amber Kuo, Cheung Siu Fai, Timmy Hung, Wayne Lai

    Ringo Lam

  • 10:45 pm

    A doctor (Richie Ren) has 24 hours to transport bone marrow from Taiwan to China to save a terminally ill child.

    Richie Jen, Ruby Lin, Blackie Ko

    Blackie Ko