• 12:35 am

    Ivana Wong stars as a highly intelligent but heart-broken police detective in this hilarious crime-comedy. Going undercover as a model in her new assignment, she goes on the search for the criminal with hilarious results.

    Ivana Wong, Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Jacquelin Chong, Bob Lam, Ram Chiang

    Jil Wong

  • 02:20 am

    Starring Ruby Lin and Simon Yam, this horror-drama takes place in the voluptuous and charming Shanghai in the 1930s. Set in a haunted theatre, the vengeful spirits of a tragically-trapped performance troupe murdered in a fire 13 years ago waits for the once-grand palatial playhouse to re-open with a new show...and bring new victims.

    Ruby Lin, Tony Yang, Simon Yam

    Raymond Yip

  • 04:10 am

    After his mother's death, Chan Kai-yuk (Carlos Chan) feels so alone that he leaves Guangzhou for Hong Kong to attempts to reunite with his father. Alone and homeless, Yuk is taken in by Fan (Kara Hui), a middle-aged recluse and is in the early stages of cognitive disorder, who he randomly encountered and helped.

    Carlos Chan, Kara Hui, Louis Cheung, Cya Liu, Lawrence Chou, Yan Ng

    Law Yiu Fai

  • 06:10 am

    Ai Yoshida will do anything for love, including traveling to Thailand with her boyfriend from Japan to run dope. When her boyfriend is kidnapped by the local gangster after a brawl at a bar, Ai sets out on rescue mission that sends her on action-packed roller-coaster ride where she meets a jailbird who breaks out of jail for love and a professional assassin.

    Natsuna, Hiroshi Shinagawa, Candy Lo, Sam Lee, Xia Chao, Zhao Ke

    Sam Leong

  • 08:00 am

    A coming-of-age story of a group of teenage friends overcoming all challenges and obstacles to fulfill their dreams to cosplay.

    Gurmit Singh, Quan Yi Fong, Henry Thia, Constance Soong, Joshua Tan, Aloysius Pang, Jeffrey Xu, Joyce Chu, Jordan Ng and Bernard Tan

    Michael Woo

  • 09:55 am

    Girl's Generation follows three groups of students as they prepare to take part in the National Students' Talent competition and look to win the title by performing on stage.

    Owodog Zhuang, Jc Chee, Ke Qing

    Tan Kheng Seong

  • 11:50 am

    After 16 years of imprisonment, a gangster gathers his old crew for one last heist by converting a minibus to look like a police van in this action-comedy starring Francis Ng and Simon Yam. However, not only does a police officer figure out the gangs intent, but another group of ruthless thieves are after the same mark...

    Simon Yam, Francis Ng, Patrick Tam, Leo Ku

    Lau Ho Leung

  • 01:40 pm

    College student Nam (Michelle Wai) juggles school and a part-time gig as a photographer's assistant for her longtime friend Chun Man (Carlos Chan), who holds an obvious torch for her. With high school reunion coming up, Nam recalls her abbreviated puppy love with classmate To Chi (Ken Hung), her almost boyfriend who left suddenly for Canada. Their bickering relationship ended over a misunderstanding back in high school, but the two reconnect immediately when they meet again. Nam is as happy as could be with To Chi. But one day Chun Man tells her that To Chi is actually comatose in Canada, and that no one else can see To Chi.

    Ken Hung, Michelle Wai, Carlos Chan

    Ivy Kong

  • 03:20 pm

    Alan, who is supposed to attend court as a witness in a criminal trial the next morning, gets increasingly plastered with his friends in his birthday party. As the deadline looms, the guys discover their twilight craziness provided each with a new self-perspective that has intangibly changed their lives.

    Ken Hung, Carlos Chan, Deep Ng, Michelle Wai, Kathy Yuen

    Takkie Yeung

  • 05:05 pm

    ANDY (Andy Lau) is a legendary Mahjong player. Very little is known about him except that he's never lost a game. GIGI (Gigi Leung) is Andy's ex-flame who wants to be reunited with him. Andy, however, is not moved because he's witnessed Gigi's frightening temper when she loses at the Mahjong table. Years ago Andy's passion for Mahjong cost his family their entire fortune. This incident turned Andy's younger brother LOUIS (Louis Koo) against him. A believer in "Hard work pays off in the future", Louis despises making quick money from gambling. Ironically, as the economy turns for worse it is him who becomes the drifter in the family. Andy offers to take care of him and their aging mother. When Louis goes for a job interview supervisor CHERRIE (Cherrie In) assigns him to go see "Mahjong Master" SEAN (Lau Ching Wan) for tips on designing a Mahjong computer game. Little does Louis realize Cherrie and Sean are cons working to rip him off. Unaware of what's going on, Louis tries to protect Cherrie from the so-called "bad guys". Touched by his innocence and dedication, Cherrie quits Sean's organization to help Louis developing the computer game. Sean has always been confident in his Mahjong skill until Andy beats him at the game table. Sean begs Andy to teach him the skills to which the "authentic" Mahjong Master refuses. Meanwhile, Gigi's increasing disappointment in Andy's rejection leads to a heated confrontation. Unable to control her temper, Gigi tells Andy that she wishes he'll never win at the Mahjong table again. Anger towards Andy brings Sean and Gigi together. They instantly hit it off with their similar bad temper and bad gamesmanship at the Mahjong table. For Gigi, life without Andy feels like a great vacation. Oddly Gigi's words become true. Ever since she left Andy has been on a losing streak that quickly drains his fortune. Andy is forced to move into a rundown apartment, but the incident gives him and Louis an opportunity to resolve their difference. Andy's sudden turn-around in life doesn't affect his feeling for Gigi. He still wants Gigi to learn playing Mahjong the right way. Eventually Gigi returns to Andy out of regret for the unintended curse. Through Andy's patient demonstrations, she understands the beauty of Mahjong. A major corporation buys Louis and Cherrie's game and throws a Mahjong tournament to launch the product. As fate will have it, Andy and Sean meet again at the tournament. This time, the real winner will be decided...

    Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Gigi Leung

    Johnnie To, Wai Ka Fai

  • 06:50 pm

    In 2004, 10 months after the murder of Yan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai), Ming (Andy Lau) is transferred to do the office work. Meanwhile, a new star Wing (Leon Lai) has emerged in the police force. Ming suspects he is also a mole sent by the triad. Three years ago, Yan's first big mission was to build up a smuggling network with Shen (Chen Dao-ming), a mysterious businessman from China. Actually, Yan's was out of control and he was forced to see psychologist Dr Lee (Kelly Chen), but he gradually developed a special friendship with her.

    Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Leon Lai, Kelly Chen, Chen Dao Ming, Eric Tsang, Anthony Wong

    Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

  • 09:00 pm

    In this romantic love story starring Taiwanese actors Darren Wang and Jelly Lin, an ordinary girl develops a stubborn crush on the school genius after an unexpected kiss. But with the genius adored by everyone in the school, can their relationship blossom and develop?

    Darren Wang, Lin Yun

    Chen Yu Shan

  • 11:10 pm

    Leung Foon, 52 years old, is now a callous corporate executive sleeping regularly with his much younger secretary. When his 21-year-old daughter – taken away by his ex-wife at age eight – shows up with her mother's ashes, Leung must learn to be a better man.

    Lawrence Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung, BabyJohn

    Lawrence Cheng