• 12:55 am

    The lives of three fathers going on a luxurious holiday are turned upside-down when a thief slips a stolen famous diamond into one of the fathers' coat pocket.

  • 02:45 am

    "Guia in Love" is a series of intertwining love stories set in picturesque Macau. With an elite cast including Stephy Tang, Wilson Lam, Wilfred Lau, Fiona Sit and Vivian Chan, the romantic drama is a gentle insight into the challenges of modern-day relationships.

  • 04:30 am

    Things starts to change for a dejected young man who is saddled with debt when he receives a video tape filmed during his wayward and headstrong high school years.

  • 06:15 am

    Michael (Louis Koo) may be Hong Kong's biggest movie star, but his equally famous fiancée is tired of living in the limelight. After she leaves him to live anonymously with her first love, an unglamorous coal miner, Michael finds himself repeatedly at the bottom of a bottle. Crushed, he drunkenly sleepwalks his way to Deep Woods Hotel, a quiet resort in Yunnan province. In fact, he's entered Shangri-La, a mythical Himalayan location bordered by mountains and thick forests, whose isolation and clean air suit his grieving process. The hotel's proprietress, Sue (Sammi Cheng), becomes a part of that process while dealing with her own loss. Seven years prior, Sue's husband Tian disappeared into the woods. She's so reluctant to move forward with life that she initially keeps one fact very close to her chest: she happens to be number “033" in Michael's fan club. Although it has a surprisingly meta-ending, a simple score and wide-angle shots of the rural utopia anchor director Johnnie To's high-concept romance. Both leads are legitimate superstars; Koo is one of Hong Kong's most beloved actors and Cheng is known as the “Cantopop Queen," with more than 80 albums spanning a 20-year-career.

  • 08:15 am

    Gui (Wang Luodan) is a gifted but socially awkward detective, and her extraordinary imagination and strong logical mind has helped her solve numerous cases in the past. One day, while investigating a murder case near her neighborhood, her curiosity pushes her to discover shocking secrets of the people she knows...

  • 10:00 am

    Unfulfilled at work and dissatisfied with her marital life, a middle-aged woman attends a high school reunion and finds a flood of flashbacks of her childhood days open before her eyes.

  • 12:00 pm

    Horror auteur Danny Pang Phat helms a new bloody thriller, starring screen veteran Lau Ching-wan as police detective Han. One day, stammering and partially disfigured man Jun (Wang Baoqiang) walks into a police station and claims that he's killed five people. After an interview in which the confessed murders are revealed to not exist, he’s deemed mentally unstable and dismissed by the police. But soon after, a series of brutal murders take place, and Han, assigned to the investigation, discovers shocking connections between the murders, Jun and his fairytale book collection.

  • 01:45 pm

    Starring Ruby Lin and Simon Yam, this horror-drama takes place in the voluptuous and charming Shanghai in the 1930s. Set in a haunted theatre, the vengeful spirits of a tragically-trapped performance troupe murdered in a fire 13 years ago waits for the once-grand palatial playhouse to re-open with a new show...and bring new victims.

  • 03:40 pm

    Superstar Sammi Cheng stars as a no-nonsense CEO who has been betrayed by her two-timing fiancee and sets out to find a sperm donor so that she can have a child with no attachments in this romantic-comedy.

  • 05:25 pm

    Sit Ho Ching (Bosco Wong) and his girlfriend, Elna (Stephy Tang) are set up by the boss. Elna cheats on him, then he becomes jobless and single. Our hapless hero decides to pursue wealth and fame by any means. Ching finds himself in a dangerous situation and is saved by his relatives. Finally, he earns a pile of money, but is shocked when his father (Liu Kai Chi) is struck down by cancer...

  • 07:15 pm

    A classic fantasy action movie about the epic battles between celestial swordsmen and the Evil Force. Set on the mythical Zu mountain range, a mysterious land where ordinary men dare not venture, the legend has it that skilful swordsmen protect civilians by fending off evil. Featuring Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Adam Cheng and directed by Tsui Hark.

  • 09:00 pm

    Casey (Venus Wong) had her heart broken by her high school boyfriend, Elton (Edward Ma). Three years later, Casey now much choose between the perfect guy, Adam (Jason Fu) and Elton as the truth behind Elton's betrayal is revealed.

  • 11:05 pm

    Due to injuries to his nerve system, orphan Siu Bo lost his ability to laugh when he was young. Feeling guilty for what happened, his uncle Qing Song arranges a position for him in a funeral home in the city. Haunted by what he sees every night there, he braves his fears with the support of his uncle who always reminds him of the meaning of their work for the deceased. Along the way, he also finds a way to cope with death when it finally knocks on his door.