Shock Wave

Premieres: Sun, 24 Dec

Cast: Andy Lau, Song Jia

Superstar Andy Lau stars as a bomb specialist set on capturing a wanted criminal called Blast in this Hong Kong action-drama. But will he be able to do it in time when Blast threatens to kill hundreds of citizens and destroy everything in his quest for revenge?


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24-26 Dec

Celebrate the Christmas festivities with the biggest blockbusters coming out from China, including Jackie Chan’s Railroad Tigers and Kung Fu Yoga, as well as Andy Lau’s action-drama, Shockwave!

Extraordinary Mission

Premieres: Sun, 3 Dec

Cast: Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong

An undercover police officer attempts to take down a drug trafficking syndicate called the Twin Eagles from the inside. But his operation starts to spiral out of control when he slowly becomes an addict while trying to gain the leader's trust.

77 Heartbreaks

Premieres: Sun, 10 Dec

Cast: Charlene Choi, Pakho Chau, Michelle Wai

When Eva ends her ten-year relationship with Adam, he's shocked by the seeming suddenness of the break-up till reading her private journal reveals it was the culmination of 77 heartbreaks.

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight

Premieres: Sun, 17 Dec

Cast: Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Alex Man

Two eccentric hot-blooded young men, Lung and Chi-Yeung, lead a devil-may-care life. But when a mysterious monster appears in the city and turns people into zombies, Lung risks his life to break into the infected district for rescuing Chi-Yeung and his dream girl.

Battle of Memories

Premieres: Sun, 31 Dec

Cast: Huang Bo, Duan Yihong, Xu Jinglei

A novelist decides to have memories of his ex-wife deleted following a painful divorce. But when a glitch in the procedure causes him to receive a killer's memories instead, he gets dragged into a police investigation regarding an unsolved murder and has 72 hours to find out the killer!


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Premieres: Sun, 19 Nov

Cast: Eddie Peng, Deng Chao, Zhao Liying

During a near-death experience, a sports car driver time-travels back to the 1990s, meets his detached father and never-seen mother in a small Chinese town and experiences life in the past.

With Prisoners

Premieres: Sun, 26 Nov

Cast: Neo Yau, Kelvin Kwan

Fan is a young gang member who was sentenced to 3 months at a juvenile detention center. After 3 days of abuse from the staff inside, Fan commits suicide. He survives the ordeal and is given hope to see his grandmother one last time before she passes. By submitting and embracing the guards’ abuse, Fan earns his right to be released in record time, only to witness the mysterious death of his cellmate days before his own release.

Who Killed Cock Robin

Premieres: Sun, 5 Nov

Cast: Kaiser Chuang, Hsu Wei-ning, Ko Chia-yen

An ambitious journalist eagerly pursues a long-forgotten accident. When the sole survivor of the accident suddenly disappears, he realizes that nothing is what it seems, and the unimaginable dark truth will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Love Off the Cuff

Premieres: Sun, 7 Jan

Cast: Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue

Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung reprise their popular roles as Jimmy and Cherie in this third installment of the romantic comedy Love in a Puff. As the couple try to live happily ever after, the shocking news of Cherie’s father marrying a girl younger than herself makes things complicated…

A Nail Clipper Romance

Premieres: Sun, 14 Jan

Cast: Joseph Chang, Zhou Dongyu

An amateur surfer, who has been through several bad relationships, meets a kind-hearted tattoo artist. Everything is perfect until she confesses that she is an unusual “nail clipper monster”. With such a claim, can their love settle their differences?


Premieres: Sun, 21 Jan

Cast: Louis Koo, Li Ma, Chutian Liu

Since ancient times, the earth has been home to an alien species called MEOW, who have transformed themselves as cats, living in every corner of the world. Enter Xi Xili, the latest MEOW to visit Earth, who intends to invade the planet when a family in Hong Kong takes him in as a pet.

Dealer Healer

Premieres: Sun, 28 Jan

Cast: Sean Lau, Gordon Lam, Louis Koo

Based on a true story, Dealer Healer follows the story of Chen Hua, a former underworld kingpin and drug dealer, who takes a new lease of life and help rehabilitate people from drug addiction.

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