Premieres Sunday, 28 June
9 PM

Cast: Jennifer Yu, Jo Koo, Kaki Sham

Ms Tsui (Jo Koo) is a music teacher in a special education needs (SEN) school. Zoey (Jennifer Yu) is an underachiever from a Band 1 school, who is struggling with the coming public examination. Ka Ho (Kaki Sham) is a rebellious teenager from a Band 3 school, who idles his time away and does not care about his handicapped little brother. When
being assigned to helm a musical performance, Ms Tsui has to bite the bullet while juggling between work and personal issues. To earn higher school credit, Zoey volunteers in an extracurricular musical. To avoid being expelled, Ka Ho has no choice but to attend the musical. These tree individuals take part in a musical that they deem worthless, but turns out to be a journey of self-discovery towards their dreams and goals.